Cycling Challenge May 17 to 19

A Challenge

Complete an enchanting 540 km loop around the Grand Paris.

Connect 3 stage-cities with exceptionnal heritage and discover the often unknown beauties of the capital region.

At each stage, you will discover a geat variety of sceneries while riding on open roads with very litte traffic.

A Link

Cycling races were born in Paris, long before the Tour de France was created.
All the greatest cyclists have roamed our roads: from Eugène Christophe to Louison Bobet, from Jacques Anquetil to Eddy Merckx, and more recently Laurent Fignon and Tony Gallopin.

With Grand Tour Paris, we want to prolong this historical link.
Celebrating this great land of cycling while allowing as many people as possible to discover the charms of our region.

3 stages or 1 Ultra


May 17

187 km . 1.500 D+


May 18

189 km . 2.100 D+


May 19

164 km . 1.800 D+


May 18 - 19

Ultra Fontainebleau-Fontainebleau
540 km . 5.400 D+


Option 1 stage : 49 €
Option 2 stages : 79 €
Option 3 stages : 99 €
Option Ultra : 99 €

Registration fees include:
– The entry
– The GPX trail addressed by email 7 days prior to event
– One bag transported to the finish line
– Food supplies during the circuit and at the finish line
– The finisher badge at the finish line

It does not include transportation to and from the start and finish lines.

Accommodation packs will also be available from our partner Cap Velo

A State of Mind

In its 3 stages version, Grand Tour Paris has deliberately chosen not to be a race.

When registering, each participant will be able to choose their pace.
Each start will be given by waves and managed by a pace regulator.


During each stage, 3 timed segments will be organised on fully secured road sections:

CLIMBER challenges for bump fans.
ROULEUR challenges for gear shifting fans.

The Ultra Challenge

The Ultra version of  the Grand Tour is a trial without any assistance and for experienced cyclists only.

It is organised in collaboration with Race Across France, specialised in ultra-cycling events.

The circuit is the exact sequence of the 3 stages. Riding in a peloton is authorized.